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2 Tips for Accurate Searching on FrameSearch

Zachery Bowman
by Zachery Bowman on October 19, 2016 at 10:10 AM

Occasionally, the frame you are looking for may be listed differently from the way you are searching for it on FrameSearch. If you are having trouble finding a specific frame, consider changing your search terms to yield broader results.

Here are two tips that may help you find exactly the frame you need.

Tip #1:

Search for a shorter part of the style, brand, or collection name

You can broaden your search results by shortening what you type into the search box. If you are looking for a frame but aren’t sure of the spelling, try searching for only the part that you are certain of. For example, if searching for a brand called Adrienne Vittadini but you don’t know the manufacturer/distributor to look under and you aren’t sure how to spell "Adrienne Vittadini" you might try just "Vit".


Tip #2:

Search for just the numeral portion of the frame, or remove/add a space or hyphen

Sometimes style names contain spaces or hyphens, especially in style names that contain both numbers and letters. Try searching for just the numeral portion of the style name. Or try adding a space or hyphen to the frame name, or if your original search contained a space or hyphen, try removing it.

Here's an example:

We are going to lookup frame information for the Oakley Frame OX3182 on FrameSearch.

Here are original searches which returned no results:

OX 3182


These search terms both returned results for our frame:  




Once you find the one that works, you will be able to see the information for the frame you are looking for!

These small but easy changes in how you search will dramatically increase the probability of finding the frame you are looking for. And remember, you can search for frames on Frames Data Online using FrameSeach by style name, the collection name, the brand name, or the manufacturer's name, in addition to the UPC code. 



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Zachery Bowman
Written by Zachery Bowman
A recent addition to the Frames Data team, Zac is a graduate of Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia where he earned degrees in English and Communications. Certified in Google Analytics and AdWords, Inbound Marketing, and Email Marketing, Zac has quickly built his reputation as a detail-oriented, key strategist.
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