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Frame Company contact, brand and collection info in one easy reference-- VIDEO

Nichola Liboro
by Nichola Liboro on November 23, 2016 at 2:12 PM

We have a new feature on Frames Data Online called Directory.

Quickly find frame company contact  information, along with a handy list of their brands and collections, right on Frames Data Online.

It's really easy!  Watch this short video to see how the Directory tool works and how you can use it!

Link to the Frames Data Directory Video


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Nichola Liboro
Written by Nichola Liboro
Nichola Liboro has been part of the Frames Data team since 2015, but has been blogging since 2007. With her background in marketing and communications, she enjoys turning dry business editorial into fun and quirky tips, tricks, and how-to posts that are fun to read. She loves puppies, world peace, puns, and long walks to the fridge. Hailing originally from The Philippines, Nichola now spends her weekends exploring New York City.
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