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Patient Engagement 2.0:  Wish List for My Frame Gallery

Tom Doyle
by Tom Doyle on September 28, 2018 at 8:35 AM
Coming Soon! The new feature launches in October 2018

My Frame Gallery by Frames Data will soon include a Wish List, adding a whole new dimension to the patient experience.

What is a Wish List?
The Wish List feature allows patients to tell you which frames on your Gallery they are interested in trying on, before they even set foot in your dispensary.

You can then have those frames ready to try-on in advance of an appointment, or get a sense of what your patients are looking for and suggest alternatives.

Add frames to a wish list by clicking on the heart icon.

How does it work?
Patients add frames to their Wish List by clicking the heart icon that appears next to the frame.

Once the patient has finished adding frames to their Wish List, My Frame Gallery will send you that list via email. The patient will get a similar email as well.

What are the benefits?
Start the conversation early and learn more about your patients. With Wish List enabled, you can gather frames for try-on before the patient’s appointment, and offer a customized suggestion based on their pre-selected frames.

The Wish List feature will ensure that your practice is prepared in advance of the visit, so that you can ensure the best possible patient experience.

How do I get started?
Already subscribe to My Frame Gallery?  Check your email for the announcement and further instructions coming within the next two weeks. 

Ready to subscribe? Here are some ways to get started:

  • Request information
  • Request a demo
  • Order now (existing Frames Data subscribers should call in to add My Frame Gallery to your existing account)
  • Call us (for single location practices) at 1-800-821-6069 ext 3.
  • Call us (multiple location practices) at 1-800-821-6069 ext 4.

"Our online frame gallery is a success!"  Request a demo for your practice today.


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Tom Doyle
Written by Tom Doyle
Tom Doyle is Frames Data’s Director of Marketing & Key Accounts, and has been working as a marketer within the optical industry for over 10 years. In that time he’s worked with many software companies on new integrations, and has developed an understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Tom is also keenly interested in productivity methodology, the color orange used in marketing, and karaoke. He is also a die-hard cat person.
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