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5 Signs You Desperately Need Frames Data

Nichola Liboro
by Nichola Liboro on July 21, 2015 at 6:00 AM

Running a dispensary is a joy... and sometimes, a pain.

1. Your stomach drops every time a new frame shipment arrives.

As much as you're excited about new frames, you dread the time you're going to have to spend in front of your computer hand entering frame information.

2. Updating your inventory is kind of overwhelming.

Cool, piece of cake! I have to update the ENTIRE inventory today... *cries internally*

3. Your patients love you... but not the selection on your frame board.

"The one that got away" crosses your mind more often than it should.

4. You constantly forget your username and password for various manufacturer sites.

Wouldn't it be great if you could log in to one website to get all the frame info you need for your entire inventory?

5. You realized a mistake in your data entry a little too late.

It's okay, your eyes play tricks on you after entering data all morning!

When life gives you lemons...maybe it's time to consider Frames Data.

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Nichola Liboro
Written by Nichola Liboro
Nichola Liboro has been part of the Frames Data team since 2015, but has been blogging since 2007. With her background in marketing and communications, she enjoys turning dry business editorial into fun and quirky tips, tricks, and how-to posts that are fun to read. She loves puppies, world peace, puns, and long walks to the fridge. Hailing originally from The Philippines, Nichola now spends her weekends exploring New York City.
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