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Social Media Toolkits to promote your Frame Gallery

Madeline Karp
by Madeline Karp on June 3, 2019 at 8:53 AM

Download these free toolkits to use on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Tom_landing_page_v2Your Frame Gallery is up and running. Now it's time to drive some traffic to it!

If you've already added your Gallery to your website, sent an announcement email, and added it  to appointment reminders, your next step might be some social media promotion.

To help you get started, we've created three toolkits, one each for  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Each toolkit includes imagery that we've created specifically for you to download and use on your practice's social media accounts. We've formatted each image to look great on its respective platform. 

We've also created some accompanying text to help make your posts meet your objectives (push patients and perspective patients to your Gallery, generating views, submitted wish lists and engagement with your brand).


Social Media Anatomy and Toolkits

If you haven't spent a lot of time creating posts for your business, let us point you in the right direction.

Check out the example social media posts below, breaking down the anatomy of the important aspects of each kind of post. Then click the button to download your free toolkit for Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram  or all of them if you post to each site.

The toolkits contain JPG images correctly sized and formatted for each social media site, and a PDF containing some examples of marketing copy to accompany your post. Pick and choose your favorites, and feel free to alter the text to fit your unique practice.



Learn how to build your brand on Facebook.



Explore options to promote your business on Twitter.



Discover how to upgrade your marketing strategy on Instagram.

Note: Each of these downloads is a compressed folder, so you'll need to unzip the files first. Most computers allow you to simply right-click and choose "Extract All" to send the files to a new regular folder of the same name. If you don't have this option, Google "unzip compressed file" for your operating system and the unzipping program you use, or consult your IT support.
social toolkit zip files


Paid Social Advertising Campaigns

We're happy to provide you with these free marketing toolkits, and we hope they help you drive traffic!

But keep in mind that most organic social media posts only go so far, even if you follow best practices and try to update regularly. If you want to –

  • increase your brand's visibility
  • target your correct audience more accurately
  • save time and energy on social media marketing

 – consider paying for some advertisements.

Luckily, local social media ads don't always require a large budget.  Spending a little can go a long way towards reaching the right people  customers who will actually end up purchasing frames from you.


The More You Know, the More You Can Grow

Eager to learn more about how to up your social media ad game? Check out these additional resources:


Happy posting!


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Madeline Karp
Written by Madeline Karp
A graduate of Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ with a degree in Business Economics, Maddie joined the Frames Data team as Product Coordinator before moving to her current position in Marketing. She has past experience as a content editor, and has always enjoyed writing as well as creative design work. This goes hand in hand with one of her favorite hobbies, drawing—animals are her go-to thing to doodle in her free time, especially horses and tigers.
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